Chapter Launch Event – June 2019

Please come along to the official launch of the Society for Conservation Biology Greater Melbourne Chapter.
Featuring special guest speaker Dr Cathy Oke on Nature in the City.
Cathy is a Councillor at the City of Melbourne, Vice President of Local Governments for Sustainability and Knowledge Broker with the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub.

Event details:

  • Tuesday, June 18th 2019
  • 5:30 pm start
  • University of Melbourne, Parkville, Biosciences 1 (G26)
  • Meet other local conservation professionals and enthusiasts
  • Sign up as one of our first formal members
Join us for a drink or bite to eat afterwards – All welcome.

Welcome to the 2019 committee!

It’s been an amazing first year as we have worked to get the Greater Melbourne Chapter up and running. We hope you’ve enjoyed our outreach initiatives, and our company at the ‘meet and greet’ dinners throughout the year.

We’re very pleased to announce that our first official elections were a success, and introduce you to our 2019 committee.

Board members

President: Kylie Soanes
Vice President: Roan Plotz
Treasurer: Matthew Selinske
General Directors/Roving board members: Tim Doherty, Lee Harrison, Billy Geary, Paul Ferraro

Committee members

Web design/development: Billy Geary
Conservation officer: Christine Connelly
Cultural officer: Roan Plotz
Social media team: Holly Kirk and Elodie Camprasse
Events planning: Linda Riquelme
Conservation social science committee: Matthew Selinske and Emily Gregg
Institutional reps: Kat Selwood (Zoos Victoria), Roan Plotz (Vic Uni)

We’ll be doing some profiles on our committee members and popping them up on our webpage in the months to come. If you think you’ve got skills in any of the areas on our committee, consider teaming up with one of the lovely folk above – they’d love an extra pair of hands. Or you might have something new you want to bring to the table. Email us at to get involved.

A very big thanks from the chapter president

I’d also like to take this opportunity to give a massive shout out to all of those who have worked so hard behind the scenes during our first year of operation – our ‘unofficial’ committee for 2018. Some of you have moved on to new jobs, new cities or new countries, while others are sticking around to do it all again this year. Either way, thanks so much for your creative inputs, your mad skills, and your willingness to dedicate time to getting this chapter up and running. In no particular order, thanks to:
  • Billy Geary for setting up our webpage and bring our interactive map of conservation efforts to life.
  • Matthew Selinske for handling our financials like a boss and helping us secure several grants throughout the year.
  • Tim Doherty for starting this whole process in the first place and representing our chapter on the SCB Oceania board.
  • Nadine Richings, Elodie Camprasse and Holly Kirk for handling our Twitter account like total champs (@melbournescb), including the delightful meme below.
  • Zoi Banikos and Matt Rees for spear-heading our ‘Behind the scenes in conservation’ Instagram campaign. This will evolve into a series of blog posts this year!
  • Vanessa Lucy for coordinating our social events and always finding us a good place to eat, drink and be merry.
  • Lee Harrison, Abbey Camalang, Freya Thomas, Marty Lockett, Katie Berthon, Linda Riquelme for showing up to committee meetings with great ideas, fantastic networks, and for always pitching in to help.

What’s next
We’ll start to put some of the projects identified in our ‘Strategic Plan’ into action this year, as well as organise regular committee meetings and our tried and true ‘meet and greet’ dinners. We’ll also be setting up an online membership and payment system from June 2019. So stay tuned for more news on all of those fronts.


Putting #ConservationInVictoria on the Map

The newly formed Greater Melbourne Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology wants to hear about your local conservation projects in Victoria. It might be a research project, restoration site, conservation organisation or community group – anything related to the wide world of conservation across the terrestrial, marine and freshwater realms.

We’ll be collating brief profiles of your projects or groups and sharing them through our interactive online map, found at this link. There’s so much great work happening across Melbourne and Victoria, and we want to showcase it!

What’s in it for you? Well, you’ll get to see what conservation projects are happening next-door to your own, where you might be able to share knowledge, resources or even collaborate in the future! The possibilities are endless!

Once again, to see our interactive map of Conservation In Victoria, head to this link.

To put your conservation project on the map, please fill out the Google Form at this link.


SCB Greater Melbourne Chapter is now on instagram!

Conservation biologists see some pretty amazing stuff on the job. Our new Instagram @scbgreatermelb gives a visual take on the lives and work of local researchers through regular member features.

Follow us to see what conservation research and management looks like across Victoria!

Member Spotlight: Lauren Tworkowski

Our member in the spotlight this week is Lauren Tworkowski from La Trobe University. Lauren won the SCBO Best Poster Award at the 2018 Victorian Biodiversity Conference – you can check out her poster here.

How did it feel to be selected as the recipient of the SCBO Best Poster award at the Victorian Biodiversity Conference?


It felt great of course! There was definitely stiff competition, both in terms of poster design and quality of research, so I was really surprised and humbled to have been chosen. The whole point of attending and presenting at these conferences is to effectively communicate your work and get feedback, so it is great to know that my poster was well received. Makes all those long hours of formatting worthwhile!

Read the full post here at the Society for Conservation Biology Oceania’s website.

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