Conference #SCBMelb20

Join us for our inaugural Twitter Conference #SCBMelb20

July 30th–31st, 2020

Our theme is “Conserving Melbourne’s Biodiversity: past, present and future”. We want to bring together stories of biodiversity research and conservation action from across Melbourne and share them with a wider audience.

The what, why and how of a Twitter conference

Why? Well, it might to be a while before we can get together and share our work in person. We hope this goes some way towards bridging the gap and helping us feel a little bit more connected. Twitter conferences are also a great way to communicate with audiences you might not ordinarily reach.

How do presentations work? Each presenter is allocated a 5-minute timeslot to present their work across 5 tweets. It may not sound like a lot, but there’s a huge capacity to be creative! You can include images of your slides, photos from the field, links to research papers, blogs and videos, gifs, memes – you name it. Anything that might help communicate your work with a broad audience. We’ll release some tips and guidelines along the way, so keep an eye out.

What about question time? There will be a five-minute window after each presentation for you to take questions from the audience. The benefit of a Twitter conference is that these discussions can continue beyond your allocated time and you have a chance to follow up longer-term connections with your audience. Also, people who might have missed your talk can catch up and ask questions later on.

Who is the audience? Everyone! Unlike a traditional academic conference, a Twitter conference isn’t limited to other researchers who happened to be in the room during your talk. Anybody with a Twitter account who is interested in biodiversity conservation can follow along with the hashtag #SCBMelb20. This is a great opportunity to engage people beyond your traditional networks and bring stories of conservation science and practice to the broader public.

For a few examples of other Twitter conferences, check out the World Bat Twitter Conference or the hugely successful World Seabird Twitter Conference, which is currently in it’s 6th year.

All sound a bit confusing? Don’t worry! We’ll be sharing tips and guidelines along the way to help everyone get the most out of this event. Stay tuned for announcements about plenaries and prizes.

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